Blogs & Businesses: Why a Florist, Artisan, Every Small Business Owner & Every Person Needs to Own their Own Website

Friends – You know that I really like to work with local businesses. I feature business owners on the website and ask about your businesses each week on social media. A rising tide lifts all ships… and I believe it.

I know a lot about having an online presence and about 6 months ago I started a series on building your own website for your blog or business. I created 2 videos… and then got lost in the transition from Corporate America to full time blogger… and then got sick… and then put it off for 6 months.

So, after a long wait, here is the planned series:

  • Why a florist, artisan and every small business owner needs to own their own website. (See below)
  • Things to Consider When Picking Your Domain Name… and then doing it. Go HERE.)
  • How to decide on website hosting when you know nothing about website hosting. (If you want to see this, tell me and I’ll create it!)
  • How to make a blank screen into the website you’ve imagined.
  • How to easily capture the most valuable resource of website owners.
  • How to writing compelling content
  • There is no such thing as eye-catching, stop-what-you-are-doing text. How to take photos that grab the readers attention.
  • More Advanced: Security, Plug-Ins, Personality in Copy, Simple Writing System, Blogging Must-dos, Post Schedules, Networking/Resources

The first video is below… and the second one is done…  And if there is interest in the third, I can create it.  So take a look and let me know if you need more.

As always, I want to encourage you to get started on your blog or business and ask if you have questions!


So why does a florist, artisan, every small business owner & every person needs to own their own website? Watch the video or read below! Affiliate links included.

1. When you are looking for a dentist, contractor, birthday party gear, gifts or just about anything, where do you look first?

  • Do you drive around until you find something great?
  • Do you look in a phone book? Chances are you do a quick internet search from your smartphone or computer.

2. When you find the right shops or services for you, what makes you give them your business?

  • Is it the professional looking website, personal note from the owner and customer testimonials?
  • This is what captures the attention of most customers and this is why YOU need a website, regardless of what kind of business you have.

3. If you have a web presence, this is a good start.

  • With Etsy shops, Facebook Pages and even or websites, customers have a chance of finding your business.
  • However, if you want to be in control of your business and maximize the customers you reach with your hard work, you need your own website.

5. Social media pages are great for finding customers, but always keep in mind you do not own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • The content you add to the page, and the audience you build, belongs to them.
  • An algorithm can change and destroy your reach… or worse, you’re page could get shut down for breaking some arbitrary rule.

6. Social media is a tool… and it’s great to use… but it always needs to direct back to your own website.

7. Etsy and online shops are great forums, but your home-base should still be your website.

8. You’re fully owned website is where you can display your message, your customer testimonials… and most importantly, gather customer data.

9. So is it enough to have a free or blog?

  • It’s better than nothing, but if you are in business for the long haul, you should design your website to keep up with your growth.
  • On (which is different than self-hosted WordPress.Org) will not allow you to publish ads.
  • If you ever want easy passive income to come from your website, you cannot do this.
  • On, Google ultimately owns your website. The same way the Facebook controls the content, Google does the same for

10. With your own self-hosted website, you own the content, you can back up the content in case of a crash, you can customize the look add what ever plug-ins you want.  You own this website.

11. If you are on or, you can transfer your content.

  • To have it done right, with a money-back guarantee, try a service like Blogelina.

12. I also recommend setting up a website, even it is to post your resume online. If you buy it now, 3 years from now, when you might need it, it will have likely have better page ranking on Google.

13. Buy your own name, set up something basic, and use it when you need it.

14.  So, now you know you need an online presence, and you need a website that you own so you can control your future marketing efforts. But do you need to setup a Blog or a static website?

  • A blog has regular updates and builds a community of people looking for that information.
  • A website is a resource for people to find you online.
  • Both have benefits… but the good news is… you don’t have to decide today!
  • Websites and blogs are set up the same way, using the same domain name.
  • Once you set up your unique url, you can decide on the exact design and content… and you can add more customization over time.
  • The important thing is to get started on something, now!

15.  So how to you set up something right the first time, so you don’t have to fix it later?

  • How do you create a website that is the ideal version of how you want to represent yourself online?
  • AND, how do you quickly prove to skeptical friends & family members that what you have is real?

Be looking for the rest of the videos in the series!  Remember, Video #2 is ready… and I’ll do #3 if there is interest!

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