Blogs & Businesses: Things to Consider When Picking Your Domain Name… and then Doing It.


So you watched Video #1 and know you need a website, but what domain name should you pick and how do you actually do it? It is not hard to get started, and you should reserve your own domain name right now… before it gets snatched up by someone else.

Watch the video or read the instructions below… and then just get it done!
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1. Visit and see what is available.

  • You can type in as many names as you want… and won’t be charged until you add them to your cart and check out.
  • Know that you can buy a domain name from GoDaddy but host the page somewhere else.
  • Always buy “.com” domain names.  Use “.org” if you have an organization.  Even if you find a great domain name that is only available with “.net”… don’t settle for it!
  • When you type something into your browser, you automatically type “.com”… and you want people to find your page!

2. Decide on your keywords.

  • What will your website be about?
  • What words might people search for?
  • What words might limit you in the future?
  • Are there any other websites that might be confused with your domain name?
  • Could your domain name be misheard or misspelled?
  • So, for, I knew I wanted to use Kid and City.
    • I could have used the word “Houston” in my domain name, but when it was created, I wasn’t sure I wanted to limit myself to one city or have the option to expand to other big cities.
    • Many combinations were already taken, as seen on, and I finally decided on
    • Since the name can be confusing, I also bought for those that typed it in incorrectly.
  • All that said… It is okay to use a “brand name” rather than a descriptive name.
    • You don’t have to name your site for people to know they can buy their flowers there.
    • For example, is an identifiable brand even though it’s not
  • Watch the video for more details on keywords!

3. What social media tools will you use?  Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to see if your name is available.  It’s best to be consistent across all platforms so you are easy to find. Make sure the name is available on each platform.

4. Make it easy to remember.  Let me be honest… is not the easiest to remember or to tell your friends about.  When you start off, think of what would be easy to say, spell and remember when your readers want to tell their friends.

5. Make sure there is no copyright issues.  Do a quick search on before you make your final decision.  You are probably fine without this step… but why not be double sure.

6. Find a coupon code.  When you decide on a name, make sure it’s available on GoDaddy, are sure it’s available across social media platforms… add it to your cart.  Go to Google and search for “GoDaddy Coupon Code”… Usually you can find a code to save you money on your purchase. THIS link could also get you a 99¢ domain name.

7.  Avoid paying $99.99 for a $9.99 domain name.  When you finally make your purchase, GoDaddy will suggest you also buy “.net”, “.org”, “.us” of your domain name… just so no one else gets them.  They will also suggest a lot of add-ons.  I generally say “no” to everything except the domain name.

8.  While you are at it, buy your own name.  For me, was taken… so I have  You should get your own name just in case you need it in the future… and so someone else doesn’t give you a bad name.

9.  Do it now!  You can decide on all the other details later.  Once you own the name, you can set up the website at your own pace (or have someone else do it).  But if you don’t do it now, someone else could grab your perfect domain name.

The next video will cover how to decide on website hosting when you know nothing about website hosting.  If you want to get a head start, some options for hosting are:

I have used each one over the last several years.  Use what is right for you, but I would start with Blue Host and move to Liquid Web when your website is getting a lot of traffic.

If you have any questions about domain names or hosting, let me know!

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