What websites do you recommend for things to do in north Houston? You Asked BigKidSmallCity!

You AskedI currently live in north Houston.  I was wondering if you might know of another blog that might be dedicated to this area? 

My focus is certainly on central Houston.  I do post activities outside of the loop, but I know of some pages that can give you more local activities.

Fall Creek Toddler Fun 2 Go is an open Facebook page with regular updates.  For Northeast Houston, I know of Family Fun in Northeast Houston.  This one is a closed page that you request to join.  Note that for the closed group, there are some rules:

The group does not want to be spammed with sales ads.  If someone is suspected to be a solicitor, the request is not accepted.  Family Fun in Northeast Houston is a bulletin board.  Anything worth sharing, put it up there!  Anything that isn’t worth sharing is just clutter and gets taken down. Anytime someone posts something that is 100% self-serving, that gets deleted.  That said, all members are encouraged to post anything worth sharing.

Do you have a resource you use for family activities outside central Houston?  If so, share it with us!

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