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Squids will be Squids by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of Squids Will Be Squids!

Be warned:  I am on a Smith and Scieszka kick. You have the opportunity to ignore this and not read any further, but my poor kids do not.

After talking about Math Curse and Science Verse last week, I went on line and ordered the rest of their collaborations.  Squids Will Be Squids is the first one that showed up out of the three remaining that I, I mean, my kids, do not own.

The day it came in another book on the Alaskan Iditarod arrived and my younger daughter left the room with it never to be seen again. You fellow MCLIMS elementary school folks know of the current sled dog obsession that I am writing about.

This left my eight year old with Squids Will Be Squids. I was worried that she would take one look at the colorful pictures on the thin book and deem it too immature for her, but within minutes she invited me into her room to sit and read it with her in bed!

This book reinvents fables and are introduced as “…fables that Aesop may have told if he were alive today and sitting in the back of the class daydreaming and goofing around instead of paying attention and correcting his homework like he was suppose to, because his dog ate it and he didn’t have time to run out and buy new paper and do it over again before his bus came to pick him up in the morning.” And that is exactly how this book is written.

My daughter’s favorite tale from the book is “Don’t Play with Matches” which in it a naïve Straw has been warned to not play with Matches, but because he is bored on a summer vacation day, he decides to. Turns out Matches is a real jerk and that he only wants to obnoxiously and unfairly play games his way. Even watching TV is unpleasant with this guy! The moral of the story, “Don’t play with Matches!” of course!

This book is hilariously witty and that is why after three days, my older daughter and I love it and have read it multiple times!

I have a few other fable books in our library, but this is the only one that has been a hit. Although I love Aesop, I think that it may be a little dated for my girls because it has yet to really capture their attention. I am hoping that after this introduction to fables my girls will be ready to give Aesop another go!

Go HERE to get it on Amazon. Or better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore!

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