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Jones Plaza – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Jones Plaza Waterfall in Houston

Address: 610 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas 77002
Cost: Free
Appropriate Age: Any Age

Jones Plaza is in the heart of the Downtown Theater District, right across from Jones Hall.  It is the size of one city block, with a stage, waterfall and seats under several canopies.

This is listed as a park in the Downtown Houston guide, but it’s not a traditional park.  Downtown has Discovery Green for playgrounds, Market Square for relaxing and the bayou parks for exploring.

Houston Skyline from the Street
Jones Plaza is an extension of the the theater with plenty of space to entertain.  When there isn’t an event, it’s a good place for kids to run around.  The space is in the shadow of the skyscrapers with a big waterfall to lure in the kids.

Jones Hall for the Performing Arts
We visited after the youth symphony performance at Jones Hall.  The kids enjoyed walking dangerously close to the waterfall and jumping on and off the little walls.  It’s a small miracle that no one fell in and we were able to go out to lunch in dry clothes.

Waterfall at Jones Plaza
Afterwards, we walked across the street to Hard Rock Cafe, then down to another waterfall at Wortham Center, along the bayou trail and up to the Preston Street Bridge.  And guess what we did here?

Pushing the Button at Preston Street Bridge
You know we burped the bayou.  Our favorite little quirky thing to do in Houston!

So, all in all, it was a great afternoon that originated from Jones Plaza.  Check it out next time you are nearby.

(Street parking is metered and free after 6:00pm and on Sundays.)

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