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Do You Feel Safe, with Kids, in Urban Settings? You Asked BigKidSmallCity!

You AskedYou often talk about preferring urban spaces and the safety of urban spaces.  Do you really feel safe taking your kids around big cities?

Yes, I do. I personally feel safest in urban spaces, but, they must be well designed urban spaces.

I feel very comfortable taking my kids to places where there are a lot of people watching the streets. I think that storefronts, restaurants and even bars provide a lot of extra security. It’s even better when the locals from the neighborhood are hanging out and can identify who belongs and who doesn’t.

I like to stroll through busy city streets and markets. I also like to visit busy parks like Discovery Green. That said, if there is a park that is in an urban area, but secluded, I do not feel safe. If lots people are not watching over the space, I don’t go there alone.

In my park reviews, I often say there were a lot of “eyes on the park”, which means I felt safe. Or, I say the opposite and to take another adult on your trip.

I did not grow up in a big city but was often fascinated by the opportunities in urban areas. My parents often drove me over two hours for outings, sports tournaments and even soccer practice. In college I visited a lot of cities and decided I would live in one. Soon after, I read The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs and  decided I would live in the heart of the city.  And I have loved it.


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