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Anastasia Krupnick by Lois Lowry – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of Anastasia Krupnik by Lois Lowry!

So we are on the second book of the Rick Riorden series, The Son of Neptune, and I have to be honest, it is well written, but I am all Percy Jacksoned out. My youngest daughter can talk about Poseidon’s extended family tree from memory and I need for them to have a change of pace.

I have been digging hard through the book store, Amazon, the library, and our own library for a book that might capture my oldest daughter attention because I figure that I can make my six year old read whatever I want at bedtime with sheer tyranny or manipulation. And then it hit me; The Anastasia Krupnik series!

I remember reading these fabulous books when I was a kid and buying each copy with my own money at Waldenbooks (pretty sure I just dated myself there). They were page turners for me so for sure they would be a hit with her.

I was right. She read through the first book in a few days with no prodding. Anastasia is wonderful. If any of you guys haven’t read these books, it is a series of books chronicling the life of an only child who never has matched socks because her parents are eccentric artists.

Her father, Myron, is an English professor who keeps his unpublished poetry manuscripts in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator and her mother is a painter. One day, Anastasia finds out her parents are expecting a son, flunks her poetry assignment, is rejected by her on-again, off-again crush, and is devastated.

Luckily, she has her list-making notebook to get her through this complicated time in her life as well as Frank, her goldfish, who is a wonderful listener and sympathetically “blurps” in response to her.

Her parents are sympathetic to Anastasia, but they are also really busy. They are also amazing parents. If I had to pick literary parents out, it would be them, mismatched socks and all. They promise to let her name the new baby at what she calls an embarrassing age in their life.

Anastasia jots down the most horrible name that she can think of with the intention of scarring her new brother for life. Will her journal and time be able to change her mind before the baby is due? Read and find out as Anastasia overcomes many obstacles in her young life!

Go HERE to get it on Amazon. Or better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore!

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