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You asked BigKidSmallCity: I heard you are a working mom. What do you do?

You AskedI heard you are a working mom.  What do you do?

I think that “working mom” is a little redundant.  All moms work and most work hard.  Some moms work outside the house and hopefully these moms have structures set up to do some of the things that stay at home moms might do.  This might be childcare, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.

I do work outside the house and I  do have help with things like cleaning, laundry and after school care so my days are more manageable.

I tell you this because I really don’t like it when I hear a “working mom” say that since she works, the “stay at home mom” should pick up an extra task.  The stay at home mom may have a more flexible schedule, but we all have things to do in the day.  We all get 24 hours and get to decide how to spend them.  The surest way to get me to not do something, is to tell me how to spend my time.

To answer the original question, I am an electrical engineer and work for a big telecommunications company. I used to design the hardware for mobile phones. Now I manage the overall design for mobile phones and tablets.

Since moving to Houston for my husband’s job, I have been lucky enough to work remotely from home. I do travel for work quite a bit, but the trips are usually a few days long.

I often travel to San Diego, San Jose, Chicago or Taipei. I like to see new places, but Houston is my favorite city. Taipei is probably my second favorite.

In addition to this job and being a mom, I write BigKidSmallCity.com because I love it.

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