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Squirt: The most interesting book you’ll ever read about blood by Trudee Romanek

It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of Squirt!: The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read about Blood by Trudee Romanek.

Did you know in 2002, doctors in Britain detected four mystery pulses in humans, besides the pulsing of blood or that mosquitoes have little heat sensors that highlight your capillaries to facilitate finding the right spot to dig into? Did you know that there is already a synthetic blood available in South Africa and that no one knows why your spleen expands for five hours after eating?

If you have a kid that loves to read nonfiction books with incredible facts, this is a perfect book for them. Squirt! is full of engaging trivia, fun facts, diagrams, charts, labels, pictures all about the plasma, hemoglobin, and other red stuff that flows through your veins.

It cleverly divides up the pages into different sections by color so that different information can be explained to the reader on one page. My favorite sections include the chart that breaks down blood types and explains why your birth parents have one type and you may or may not have this type or types and the outline it gives on how to restart the heart.

I love how this book talks about the circulatory system but how it covers the many ways that blood interacts with all organs in the body. It even touches on how blood works in animal bodies!

Did you know that giraffes have tight skin and strong muscles to keep their blood from settling in their legs or that the heart of a woodland frog stops beating for weeks in the winter? I didn’t yesterday, but I do know today after my older daughter told me.

Squirt! also contains many ‘Do It Yourself’ activities that are easy enough for your seven-year old to do on their own and the supplies that are required are usually things that you can find around your home!

My older daughter really enjoyed this book. She carried it around for over a week and we were both delighted to find out that it is number eight in a series. A few of the other books in the series are titled Achoo! and Zzz … and Wow!. I can’t wait to check out some of the other books!

Go Here to get them on Amazon.  Or better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore!

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