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Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Rosenthal – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Rosenthal.

I had a friend recommend this book to me a couple of years ago and I checked it out then. Yesterday while I was at the library with my kids, I rechecked it out and when I popped it out at home, it was like they were being reunited with a long lost friend.

Duck! Rabbit! is such a simple book, yet it captivates both my children equally and provides much entertainment while the kids pour over it and try to decide if the illustration on the cover is a duck or a rabbit!

The cover is an optical illusion much like the popular one of the old woman/young girl that gets passed around in any basic psychology class. Is it a rabbit? Is it a duck? It all depends on your perspective!

The story is simple. It is a conversation between two people observing the duck each convinced that it is one or the other. “There, see? It’s flying!” one person shouts, while the other person retorts, “Flying? It’s hopping!”

They argue back and forth on each page with the same illustration on it until the very end, where there is a very cute twist.

I love how this book teaches children that there is more than one way to look at a situation, but I do not feel like it is a book that you could read and reread again. I recommend checking out from the library or buying a copy and then passing it on to your child’s teacher for everyone to enjoy.

Go HERE to get it on Amazon.  Or better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore!

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