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Scary Stories by Barry Moser – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia!  This review is of Scary Stories by Barry Moser.

I am surprised that I have never heard of Barry Moser because when I saw his drawing on the cover on this book I instinctively grabbed it.

When I saw that this horror anthology had stories in it by Ray Bradbury, Winston Churchill, Stephen King, and had one of my very favorite short stories by Shirley Jackson (“The Lottery”), I knew that most of it might be over my second grader’s head, but it would great to save for a future Halloween.

We have read some of the lighter stories, but my girls genuinely love creepy stuff. I read books like this to them and they like to read, pause, look away, squirm under the covers a bit, gasp, and then tell me to turn the page! This book would be perfect for any middle school aged child!

The selection of the stories included in this book is perfection and I wish that they had included more illustrations by Moser. His drawings perfectly capture the mood of the story and encourage goose bumps running up your arms.

I discovered my new favorite short story, “Genesis and Catastrophe (A True Story)” by Roald Dahl, in this collection. I can’t wait to finish the book and discover new favorite short stories!

Go HERE to get it from Amazon or, better yet, shop local at Brazos Bookstore and get it right away!

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