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Olive Spiders for the Halloween Lunch Box! “I Love School” Lunches!

Each school day I make fun lunches for my kids.  I’ve always called this series the “I Love School” Lunches because it started as a bribe to get my preschooler to go to school.  I’ve never heard my kids exclaim, “I Love School!” as a result of seeing my fun lunch, but they certainly complain less.  And that seems like about the same thing to me!

This week I continued the Halloween theme.  I repeated some older lunches but made a new spider lunch.

Olive Spiders
 The spiders are made from black olives.  I sliced them in half, the long way, and added some olive legs.

I placed the spiders on top of beans and rice and added carrots and strawberries on the side. I used these Vegetable Cutters to make the carrots a little cuter.

The lunch was easy to make and popular with the kids!  Now I’m off to Pintrest to get some ideas for next week.

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