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Mumbo Jumbo, The Creepy Alphabet by Michael Roberts – Books for Kids to Read!

What better way to ring in Halloween with an alphabet book about wizards, witches, skeletons, bloody bones and yetis? Mumbo Jumbo does just that with Abracadabra through Zombies with a Pumpkin Man, who is worried about losing his incisors and sandwiched in between.

Delightfully illustrated with cut out art and written by New Yorker cover artist, Michael Roberts, this alphabet book features a collage of drawings on each page paired with a wonderfully creepy or funny poem.

The poem for M goes like this:

“There must be a hieroglyphic
for a person so terrific.
She’s Egyptian, she not crummy,
my three thousand year old mummy.
Some might say she’s most alarming,
I have always found her charming.
Who do long to be nearest?
Dusty, musty,
Mummy Dearest.”

This book is a great introduction to verse and my five year old has been able to sit through an entire reading since she was three.

The pictures are that mesmerizing and it is hard to believe that anyone can make an entire book using scissors and paper for artwork, but Roberts does just that. Buy this book now and enjoy the bold beautiful prints, colors and poems on each page!

Go on Amazon to get the book HERE!

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