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Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball for Halloween Lunches!

JackOLantern Rice Ball with StemEach school day I make my kids a fun lunch.  It started 2 years ago as a way to bribe my son to stay at preschool.  We no longer have the same morning complaints, but we do have some tired kids at 6:00am and these lunches are good motivation to get us out the door on time!

I was on business travel for much of this week, but I did manage to make a couple fun Halloween lunches before I left town.  The best one was the Jack-O-Lantern rice ball.

For instructions on making a rice ball, go HERE.  For this rice ball, I used sushi rice and added a little food coloring to the rice cooker.  Usually I use a rice mold to make a shape, but for this one I just wanted a big circle.

So once the rice was ready, I added a little salt and spooned it into a big round lid.  (My lid was from a big Costco mixed nut container.)  I pressed the rice flat into the the lid and then gently shook it out into the lunch box.  (Tip:  If the rice is too sticky, rinse the mold and spoon with water before making the shape.)

Once I had a big rice circle, I used kitchen scissors to cut nori to make the Jack-O-Lantern face.  I added a basil leaf stem and leaf and the rice ball was ready!

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