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How to Make Bat Wings – Easy DIY Project, Perfect for your Halloween Costumes!

Xander's Bat WingsA couple of years ago my son got a glow-in-the-dark bat shirt and decided he needed bat wings to go with it.  I quickly created these easy-to-do bat wings and he’s loved them ever since.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Felt or other material (enough to cover your child’s “wingspan” from fingertip to fingertip and from neck to upper thighs; bats are usually black or brown, but your child may want to be a more colorful bat!)
  • Chalk or other another way to mark the felt
  • Scissors
  • 3 buttons
  • Needle and thread

Bat Wing Chalk 1You should be starting out with a rectangle of felt that is much wider that it is high.  Fold this in half so that it is only half as wide, but the height is still the same.    This is the way you’ll be cutting the material so that both wings are symmetrical.

Take your chalk and mark a design similar to the one in the picture.  Remember, these are bat wings so they don’t have to be perfect, and slightly ragged edges adds to the spookiness (or so I tell myself!).

You’ll be drawing the outline of the wings (shown in white), but you’ll also be leaving extra material to do the wrist and neck straps (shown in pink).

Bat Wing ButtonMake sure that the wrist straps are near the edge of the material away from where you folded it.  Each of these straps should be one inch wide and a few inches long.  The neck strap should be long enough to reach around your child’s neck to button in the front and the wrist straps should be long enough to reach around each wrist.

If you’re not sure how long these should be, make them extra long and you can trim them after measuring them against your child’s body.

Now that you have the outline marked, you can begin cutting.  You’ll be cutting through both layers of fabric, so be sure to hold them together.

Bat Wing Button 1After you’ve trimmed away the excess fabric, figure out how long each of the straps should be.  I did this by holding the wings up to my child, wrapping the straps around his neck and wrists, and using the chalk to mark where they should overlap.  Cut off the excess strap an inch or two to the outside of this mark.

Next, sew a button onto the end of one of the neck straps and one of each of the wrist straps where you made the chalk mark.  Cut a slit that the buttons will fit through into the opposite strap from the buttons.

You may want to add a few stitches to each side of this slit to reinforce it so it doesn’t tear wider.

Now all that is left is for your child to try on the new bat wings!

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