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Books for Kids to Read – How Submarines Work

Today’s book review is of How Submarines Work. Unlike Felicia‘s kids, my kids are somewhat reluctant to read.

My kids do like to build things and ask questions.  Joe was asking me how submarines work and I was only able to answer the first round of his questioning.  I quickly ordered How Submarines Work and now it is his favorite book.

The book has a lot of pictures and diagrams showing how a submarine works and what it looks like inside.  There are seven chapters:  Silent Cylinders, Down and Up, Move It, Don’t Crash, Take it Apart, Underwater City and Deeper and Deeper.  There is a lot of information packed into the 30 pages and it has kept us interested for months.

Joe asks to read this book before bed each night.  We pick a chapter and pull out as many facts as we can.  The next night we learn some more.

This book is interesting for adults and kids that like to know how things work.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

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