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1001 Horrible Facts by Anne Rooney – Books for Kids to Read

My older daughter loves fact books and 1001 Horrible Facts: A Yukkopedia of Gross Truths about Everything is the perfect fact book for Halloween.

It’s gross and horrible and full of interesting facts that keep my daughter captivated in her room for hours.

The book starts off with a quick introduction about airsickness bag facts but quickly moves into its first Chapter titled “Horrible Body Facts” that include fascinating tidbits such as “The average person loses 7 fluid ounces (200 milliliters) of water a day in his her feces” and “Ten billion scales of skin fall off your body every day.”

Science facts, food facts, animal facts, history facts, world record facts, body facts, this yuckopedia covers them all. Did you know that in 2001 Ken Edwards from the UK ate 36 live cockroaches in one minute on a morning talk show? Well, you do now and if you are as terrified of roaches as I am, you will never sleep again! I have a valid fear of a great big Houston tree roach flying into my mouth while I am talking outside. IT IS A VALID FEAR!

Did you know that Victorian children were often given their own saltshaker which was a sign of being grown up? The joke was on them! The salt was mixed with bromide, which made them calmer and better behaved. Ooooh, can I get one of those for my next family flight out of Houston? Were you aware that a fear of worms is called scoleciphobia? My older daughter has a fear of grubs and I can’t wait to bust out my new word at out Garden Club! By the way, I support her valid fear!

If you have a kid that likes offbeat information, this is the book for you! Buy now and find out what the Saxon cure for madness was or how people use to protect themselves from fleas!

Go HERE to get it on Amazon, or shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore!

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