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You Asked BigKidSmallCity!

What Math or Science games do you play with your kids?

I’m glad I got a Math and Science question, rather than a reading question.  For reading tips, we need to ask Felicia.  For Math and Science, I’m the right person.  I’ve always liked these subjects and it shows with the games we play.

Two of our favorite games for the kids are below.  We started playing them with Joe when he was 4.  Brooke has been exposed to them a bit longer, which is the benefit of being the second child.

1.  ThinkFun Math Dice Jr.
This is the junior version of the Math Dice Game. First you roll the dice. You check what number popped up on the big white die. Then you add and/or subtract the 5 colored dice to get to the number on the white die. The amount of colored dice you used to get to the number is the number of spaces you get to move forward on the board.  Whoever gets to the end first, wins.

Joe likes to play the game and I like that it works on his math skills.  At some point we’ll upgrade to Think Fun Math Dice

2.  Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100
I really love Snap Circuits. It comes with easy to follow designs and easy to snap circuits. Kids can build their own light, fan, siren and more. Joe and Brooke can both build their own designs with little help from me. In fact, I recently had to buy the upgrade kit, Elenco Snap Circuits UC-30 Upgrade, so they would have more to do.

I have also taken this to classrooms and showed preschoolers how to build electric circuits. I used it during career week to explain what an electrical engineer does. Basically, we make our own design or follow an existing one, build the circuits and then test the design. Building mobile phones is not a whole lot different than Snap Circuits. Seriously. It all starts with these skills.

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