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You Asked BigKidSmallCity!

You AskedIs there a schedule for your posts?
We do have a regular schedule for blog posts. Of course, this is subject to change with the seasons, based on feedback and, of course, the number of kids that are currently crying at my house.

MondayWhere in Houston?, Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas! + Another Things to Do in Houston Post

TuesdayWhere in Houston Answer+ Things to Do this Week and Weekend

WednesdayBigKidSmallCity’s search for Houston’s best restaurants for kids

ThursdayBooks for Kids to Read + Your Questions Answered! + Email Newsletter Delivered (Sign up on the right side of this screen!)

FridayLunch Box Ideas (School Year) + Houston Park Reviews (Summer)

Saturday – Administrative Updates!

SundayBooks for Kids to Read

We also add in Joe the Garbage Man posts, reviews of Houston attractions and events, Birthday Party Venue information and more!

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