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You Asked

With 3 kids, a job and a blog, how do you keep it together?
I get this question a lot.  And, it’s easy to answer.  I don’t.

Every time I’ve tried to “do it all”, it’s had an ugly ending.  Now I try to give myself some slack.  My scrapbooks aren’t going to get done and I don’t know where James’s baby book is.  I don’t do much cooking and I’ve hired someone to fold my laundry.  I try to focus on what is important to me and not what I think a “good mom” should do each day.

And even with this, I don’t keep it all together.  I just do the best I can with the hours I have in a day.

But what does your day look like?
It looks messy. Like a big mash of chaos, sprinkled with dirty laundry, homework and lunch boxes.  But I suspect the question was asked to get some details on how I schedule my time.

It looks like this…

Each Sunday I get out my notebook and make plan for the week.  Each day has a page and I write out my kid’s appointments, my work meetings, the content I want to post and what needs to get done.  I even write down things like, drop kids off at school and take lunch boxes.  And yes, it could be done electronically, and yes, I do work in the high-tech sector, and yes I have an Outlook and a Google Calendar, but I like pen and paper for the “To-Do” list.

Each evening during the week, I review the list for the next day.  I make modifications and add new items to the list of things to do.  In the morning, I look at it again and prioritize again.

On the list of things to do, I decide what must be done before I go to bed at night.  These I do first.  Because if I don’t, and I look at my list at midnight and have things I still must do before going to sleep, I get mad, sad, irritated, deflated and lots of other things.  So, I do the “must dos” first and the “should dos” second.

And, I drive my kids to school and attend lots of conference calls and blog and try to cross items off my to-do list, as quickly as possible.  And what doesn’t get done, gets deleted permanently or moved to the next day’s or next weekend’s list.

When I’m overwhelmed, I just do something.  I start moving on something and eventually work up the motivation to tackle more projects on my list.

And finally, when there is just too much to do, I make another list.  I write down everything I’m trying to get done in my days.  I look at the long list and decide what I actually care about.  I ask myself why I think I need to get something done.  I decide what can be scratched out, what can wait until the kids are 18 years old, what can wait until next week and so on.  The list gets a lot more manageable when I decide to not do some things.


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