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Books for Kids to Read – Wonder by R.J. Palacio – BigKidSmallCity Book Reviews

This is Felicia!   My girls and I love exploring Houston and we love to read.

This review is of Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

We recently purchased this book for a last minute road trip out of town and my girls both loved it. I love any book that 7 year old can read on her own and that my 5 year old will sit and listen to.  The main character, Auggie, has facial deformities that make people gasp, stare and run away. Because of this, he has been home schooled his entire life.

This year, though, his parents have made the difficult decision to enroll him in a middle school.

As Palacio writes, the voice she uses for Auggie is brilliant. My girls actually felt his pain when students were unkind to him and celebrated his triumphs when reading this book.

This story is divided into 2 sections with the first 1 being from Auggie’s point of view and the other from his peers and family. Together, Palacio uses 8 voices to tell Auggie’s story from his friends which takes a tremendous amount of talent to do especially considering how well she was able to do so.

I think this book is a must read to inspire kindness in children towards one another no matter how a person looks or behaves. Another bonus in this book are the precepts that their homeroom teacher makes them write throughout the year.  Some of the precepts included are, ‘Kinder than is necessary. Because it’s not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed.”  and my favorite, “When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”

I actually stole a few to print out and hang on my fridge.

Go HERE to find the book on Amazon.  Or, better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore.  If you mention you saw this review on BigKidSmallCity, you will get a discount… and get to read the book immediately!

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