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Books for Kids to Read – Holes – BigKidSmallCity Book Reviews

This is Felicia!   My girls and I love exploring Houston and we love to read.

This week we are reviewing Holes by Louis Sachar!

Aylen (age 7) tore this book apart in one sitting.  (Granted, we were driving back from Minnesota and she had no other choice but to sit and read.)  She loved Stanley Yelnats, the kid with the palindrome name whose family is under a horrible curse.

This curse began five generations before him when his great-great grandfather fails to fulfill his end of a bargain with a gypsy and has haunted the Yelnats family ever since. Because of this curse, his family stands to be evicted and Stanley is unjustly convicted of theft and sent to a horrific detention camp, Camp Green Lake, whose motto is, “If you take a bad boy and make him dig a hole every day in the hot sun, it will turn him into a good boy.”

At the camp, as Stanley and his new found friends dig every day, he realizes that the camp’s warden, a driven, hard woman who loves to intimidate her staff, appears to be looking for something in the desert. The plot takes several twists and turns and extends to reach his great-great grandfather, weaving three connecting tales into this Newberry Medal Winning book.

By the end of the story, Aylen was rooting for all the Yelnets and booing for the warden who likes to wear rattlesnake venom as fingernail polish. The characters in the book are very believable.

To surprise Aylen, I had the movie in our mailbox when we arrived back home to Houston. We loved the movie! How could we not? It stayed pretty true to the book and it had Sigourney Weaver and Patricia Arquette in it!

Go HERE to get the book.  Or, better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore.  If you mention you saw this review on BigKidSmallCity, you will get a discount… and get to read the book immediately!

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