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Books for Kids to Read – Beegu By Alexis Deacon – BigKidSmallCity Book Reviews

This is Felicia, the newest member of BigKidSmallCity! My girls love exploring Houston and they love to read. You can be sure that we have a book packed away where ever we go.

This review is of Beegu by Alexis Deacon.

Beegu is only the sweetest book ever. It starts when the main character, Beegu, an adorable alien child with three, floppy, ears is left behind on Earth, after a spaceship crash. On his quest to reunite with his parents, he encounters an unfriendly world and adults who fear him and do not accept his different appearance.  But Beegu is able connect with small children.

It is a sad story, with a beautiful ending, that reminds you of how open minded small children can be. Little Beegu is a bright alien green in the illustrations, which makes the character stand out against the dark colors that Alexis Deacon has chosen to paint with it. The book is sweet, haunting and does a great job teaching empathy.

“How do you treat someone that is different?”, is what I asked my children after reading this book.  Personally, I feel that it is a must read for every child so I bought it for both my daughter’s pre-kindergarten classes.

Go HERE to find Beegu.

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