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Books for Kids to Read – Basher Science Books – BigKidSmallCity Book Reviews

This is Felicia! My girls, Senia (5) and Aylen (7), and I love exploring Houston and we love to read.  You can be sure we have our noses in a book whenever we are not running around town.

This review is of Basher Science Books.

I love my girls and I enjoy reading with them every night.  I’ve even taught one to play the violin fairly well and the other one has started to practice the piano. However, science is not really my forte and when my older daughter asks me questions like, “Where did the first water come from?” and “Can you explain to me how the periodic table works?” I’m a little stumped.

Today, I popped into Half Price Books on Kirby, with a friend, with no intentions of buying anything.  But I found the solution to my problem! I rediscovered the Basher Science Books, which I had seen a year or two back at a book fair.

With cute, Japanese style cartoon characters that gives faces to concepts and subjects; this series is a great introduction to science for my seven year old. From this science series, I purchased the Physics, Astronomy and the The Periodic Table books, after briefly flipping through just one book. I plan on scoring the entire set this summer off of Amazon.

I do not think these are the types of books that one would read before taking a middle school science exam, however, they are perfect for getting young children excited about science! I cannot wait to read them with her this summer!

Go HERE to find them!

Also, if you would like a free Basher bag and poster you can send your postal address via email to basher@basherworld.com. We sent our email at 11:00 at night and received an email at 7:00 the next morning! My kids are anxiously awaiting their free loot!

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