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Our Recycled Water Bottle Tree Costume

Joe came home from camp today telling me that he needed to wear a crazy outfit tomorrow.  His idea was to wear… are you ready…  shorts with a long sleeve shirt.

And this is why I love Joe so much.  He’s as wild and crazy as his mom.

I suggested that we might be able to think of something even more crazy.  We looked around the house and only found some too small Halloween costumes, some winter clothes and our recycling bin.  Given the options, we decided to make a fabulous water bottle tree outfit.

To make the leaves or branches or flowers (or whatever they were), I sliced the bottles in half with sharp scissors.  On the top part, I made a bunch of cuts towards the drinking end.  Once I had made the cuts all the way around the bottle, Joe helped to fold them back like flowers.  On the other end of the sliced bottle, I cut off the bottom (so it was just a tube) and then cut it open to make a cuff.  We repeated this on all the bottles we could find.

Next I nearly cut off my fingers poking holes in the bottom of the “flowers” while I told Joe about being safe with scissors.  Fortunately I got by without a visit to the emergency room and was able to find some pipe cleaners.  We stuck these through the flowers and then connected them to an old winter cap.   The final touch was covering Joe’s arms with the plastic “cuffs”.

This would look even better with more cuffs and flowers, but given the time and resources we had, I think Joe has one wild and crazy outfit.



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