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Kayak on Kinder Lake – Weekends at Discovery Green

Discovery Green and The Buffalo Bayou Shuttle Service are now offering kayak rides on Kinder Lake every weekend. It costs $5 per rider and there is no age limit. Kids can ride along with an instructor or parents can paddle the boat. The maximum is 3 people per boat.

Hours of Operation:
8th, Sunday: 11am-5pm
15th, Sunday: 11am-5pm
22nd, Sunday: 11am-5pm
29th, Sunday, 11am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM

My big kids just HAD TO take a ride last weekend. While I held the baby on the dock, my 2 and 4 year old took off for 2 laps around the lake. Joe took a paddle and Brooke just held on tight.

Fortunately I had seen how wet riders were getting in the boats and I changed the kids into swim suits.  Even if the paddle didn’t get them wet, the water in the boat and the chairs was sure to soak them.  And it did.

If you go for a ride and get wet, don’t worry.  There were a lot of wet blue jean seats walking around Discovery Green last weekend, so you’ll fit right in.

Interested in kayaking in the shadows of skyscrapers?  Go HERE for more information.


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