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Restaurant.com $25 Gift Certificates for $0.65! And they really work.


Right now, through December 24, at Restaurant.com you can get 90% the already discounted restaurant vouchers. The $25 vouchers are usually $10. With the additional 90% off, they are $1. Plus, if you shop through ShopAtHome, you get 35% cash back. Just be sure to use promo code JOY at checkout.

To get the deal…
Go to ShopAtHome. Search for Restaurant.com and select “Shop Now”.
Once redirected to Restaurant.com, enter your zip code and look through all the restaurant options. There are a ton in Houston.
Use Promo Code “JOY” and purchase the $25 voucher for $1 (and get $0.35 back in the mail from ShopAtHome).  (Note that a few restaurants have $25 vouchers for $20… but you are looking for the ones with $25 vouchers for $10… plus the additional 90% off).
Take it to the restaurant when you are ready and enjoy.

I used to think this was too good to be true, but it works. You just need to follow the instructions on the voucher. For example, at Thai Sticks, you do need to spend a total of $35. So you spend $1 on the $25 voucher plus $10 extra dollars… and you get a $35 meal for $11. Not bad at all.

Go HERE to see my experience at Thai Sticks.

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