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Is the Staples Easy Rebate Easy?

Staples is always advertising great deals with easy rebates. I decided to try it out to see just how easy it was. On 8/17/11 I purchased the Epson Heavy Weight Paper for $10.99 and the Zebra Cadoozles Pencils for $5.00. The advertised rebate was $10.50 for the paper and $5.00 for the pencils.

At check out, the rebate form printed out with the receipt. The same day I then went online to www.stapleseasyrebates.com and entered the data from the receipt. I was able to enter both items on the same screen. It look less than 5 minutes and I didn’t need to find a stamp or envelope.

My check (and NOT a store credit and NOT a Visa card) arrived on 9/21/11, for the full amount.

I basically loaned Staples my $15 for a month but they sent the full rebate just as advertised.  I’m a big fan of the Easy Rebate!

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